Silvija Bilela

Influence of water availability and temperature on the competition for nitrogen between European beech and soil microorganisms


The aims of my PhD research are to (1) quantify the uptake of inorganic and organic nitrogen sources by beech roots and to elucidate the competition between beech roots and soil microorganisms for these nitrogen sources, (2) analyse the mechanisms of competition, and (3) characterize their dependency on environmental factors. To understand the competition for inorganic and organic nitrogen between beech and microorganisms in an intact environment and to investigate the sink strength of natural beech seedlings, there will be set up long-term and short-term 15N-tracer mini-lysimeter experments. These experiments will take place in the field in natural beech dominated forest on calcareous soil. Furthermore, to provide information about the effects of temperature, as an environmental factor, I will conduct an experiment under controlled conditions in which the uptake rates of inorganic and organic N resources will be quantified in mycorrhizal and nonmycorrhizal beech seedlings.


Supervisors: Heinz Rennenberg; Judy Simon; Hans Papen (KIT)

« April 2018 »
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