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  • A. Geßler, J. Kreuzwieser, T. Dopatka, Heinz Rennenberg: Diurnal courses of ammonium net uptake by the roots of adult beech (Fagus sylvatica) and spruce (Picea abies) trees. Plant Soil, 2002; 240: 23-32
  • A. Geßler, M. Rienks, H. Rennenberg: NH3 and NOx exchange between spruce (Picea abies) trees and the atmosphere. New Phytol., 2002; 156: 179-194
  • A. Koprivova, S. Kopriva, D. Jäger, B. Will, L. Jouanin, H. Rennenberg: Evaluation of transgenic poplar lines overexpressing enzymes of glutathione synthesis for phytoremediation of cadmium. Plant Biol., 2002; 4: 664-670
  • A.D. Peuke, C. Schraml, W. Hartung, H. Rennenberg: Identification of drought stress sensitive beech ecotypes by physiological parameters. New Phytol., 2002; 154: 373-387
  • C. Herschbach, B. Pilch, M. Tausz, H. Rennenberg, D. Grill: Distribution of reduced and inorganic sulfur from cotyledons into developing pea seedlings. New Phytol., 2002; 153: 73-80
  • C. Herschbach, B. Pilch, M. Tausz, H. Rennenberg, D. Grill: Sulphate uptake and xylem loading in young pea (Pisum sativum L.) seedlings. Plant Soil, 2002; 242: 227-233
  • C. Schraml, C. Herschbach, M. Eiblmeier, H. Rennenberg: Consequences of elevated CO2, augmented nitrogen deposition and soil type on phloem allocation of nitrogen and sulphur in beech-spruce model ecosystems. Physiol. Plant., 2002; 115: 258-266
  • C. Schraml, H. Rennenberg: The different reactions of beech trees (Fagus sylvatica L.) ectypes to drought sensitivity. Forstw. Cbl., 2002; 121: 59-72
  • H. Papen, A. Geßler, E. Zumbusch, H. Rennenberg: Chemolithoautotrophic nitrifiers in the phyllosphere of a spruce ecosystem receiving high atmospheric nitrogen input. Current Microbiol., 2002; 44: 56-60
  • H. Rennenberg, J.-P. Schnitzler: VOCs - helping trees withstand global change? New Phytol. 1, 2002; 155: 197-203
  • J. Kreuzwieser, C. Cojocariu, V. Jüssen, H. Rennenberg: Elevated atmospheric CO2 causes seasonal changes of carbonyl emissions from Quercus ilex. New Phytol., 2002; 154: 327-333
  • J. Kreuzwieser, M. Graus, A. Wisthaler, A. Hansel, H. Rennenberg, J.-P. Schnitzler: Xylem-transported glucose as an additional carbon source for leaf isoprene formation in Quercus robur L. New Phytol., 2002; 156: 171-178
  • J. Kreuzwieser, S. Fürniss, H. Rennenberg: Impact of waterlogging on the N-metabolism of flood tolerant and non-tolerant tree species. Plant Cell Environ. 25, 1039-1049, 2002; 25: 1039-1049
  • J. Kruse, I. Hetzger, R. Hänsch, R.-R. Mendel, P. Walch-Liu, C. Engels, H. Rennenberg: Elevated pCO2 favours nitrate reduction in the roots of wildtype tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum cv. Gat.) and significantly alters N-metabolism in transformants lacking functional nitrate reductase in the roots. J. Exp. Bot., 2002; 53: 2351-2367
  • Koprivova A, Meyer A, Schween G, Herschbach C, Reski R, Kopriva S: Functional knockout of the adenosine 5’phosphosulfate reductase gene in Physcomitrella patens revives an old route of sulfate assimilation. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 2002; 277: 32195-32201
  • M. Schulte, P. von Ballmoos, H. Rennenberg, C. Herschbach: Life-long growth of Quercus ilex L. at natural CO2 springs acclimates sulphur, nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism of the progeny to elevated pCO2. Plant Cell Environ., 2002; E25: 1715-1728
  • M. Strohm, M. Eiblmeier, C. Langebartels, L. Jouanin, A. Polle, H. Sandermann, H. Rennenberg: Responses of antioxidative systems to acute ozone stress in transgenic poplar (Populus tremula x P. alba) overexpressing glutathione synthetase or glutathione reductase. Trees 16, 2Trees, 2002; 16: 262-273
  • M.N. Fotelli, H. Rennenberg, A. Geßler: Effects of drought on the competition between Fagus sylvatica L. seedlings and an early successional species (Rubus fruticosus): 15N uptake and partitioning, responses of amino acids and other N compounds. Plant Biol., 2002; 4: 311-320
  • M.N. Fotelli, M. Nahm, A. Heidenfelder, H. Papen, H. Rennenberg, A. Geßler: Soluble nonprotein nitrogen compounds indicate changes in the nitrogen status of beech seedlings due to climate and thinning. New Phytol., 2002; 154: 85-97
  • M.S. Aulakh, R. Wassmann, H. Rennenberg: Methane transport capacity of twenty two rice cultivars from five major Asian rice-growing countries. Agr. Ecosys. Environ., 2002; 91: 59-71
  • R. Wassmann, M.S. Aulakh, R.S. Lantin, H. Rennenberg, J.B. Aduna: Methane emission patterns from rice fields planted to several rice cultivars for nine seasons. Nutr. Cycling Agroecosyst., 2002; 64: 111-124
  • S. Kopriva, M. Suter, P. von Ballmoos, H. Hesse, U. Krähenbühl, H. Rennenberg, C. Brunold: Interaction of sulfate assimilation with carbon and nitrogen metabolism in Lemna minor. Plant Physiol., 2002; 130: 1406-1413
  • S. Seegmüller, H. Rennenberg: Transport of organic sulfur and nitrogen in the roots of young mycorrhizal peduculate oak trees (Quercus robur L.). Plant Soil, 2002; 242: 291-297


  • J.-P. Schnitzler, N. Bauknecht, N. Brüggemann, W. Einig, R. Forkel, R. Hampp, A.C. Heiden, U. Heizmann, T. Hoffmann, C. Holzke, L. Jäger, M. Komenda, M. Klauer, R. Koppmann, J. Kreuzwieser, H. Mayer, H. Rennenberg, W. Seiler, G. Smiatek, R. Steinbrecher, J. Wildt, W. Zimmer: Emission of biogenic volatile organic compounds: An overview of field laboratory and modelling studies performed during the „Tropospheric Research Program“ TFS 1997 2000. J. Atm. Chem., 2002; 42: 159-177

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