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  • A. Geßler, H. Duarte, A. C. Franco, U. Lüttge, E.A. de Mattos, M. Nahm, F.R. Scarano, H.L.T. Zaluar, H. Rennenberg: Ecophysiology of selected tree species in different plant communities at the periphery of the Atlantic Forest of SE Brazil II Spacial and ontogenetic dynamics in Andira legalis, a deciduous legume tree Trees, 2005; 19: 510-522
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  • A.C. Franco, H. Duarte, A. Gessler, E.A. de Mattos, M. Nahm, H. Rennenberg, K.T. Ribeiro, F.R. Scarano, U. Lüttge: In situ measurements of carbon and nitrogen distribution and composition, photochemical efficiency and stable isotope ratios in Araucaria angistifolia Trees, 2005; 19: 422-430
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  • G. Gyulai, M. Humphreys, A. Bittsánszky, K. Skot, J. Kiss, L. Skot, G. Gullner, S. Heywood, Z. Szabo, A. Lovatt, L. Radimszky, H. Roderick, M. Abberton, H. Rennenberg, T. Kömives, L. Heszky: AFLP analysis and improved phytoextraction capacity of transgenic gshI poplar clones Populus x canescens L for Copper in vitro Z. Naturforsch, 2005; 60c: 300-306
  • H. Duarte, A. Geßler, F.R. Scarano, A.C. Franco, E.A. de Mattos, M. Nahm, H. Rennenberg, P.J.F.P. Rodrigues, H.L.T. Zaluar, U. Lüttge: Ecophysiology of six selected shrub species in different plant communities at the periphery of the Antlantic Forest of SE Brazil Flora, 2005; 200: 456-476
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  • Kumari N, Sharma V, Mikosch M, Unfried C, Gessler A, Fischer-Schliebs, E, Lüttge U. 2005.: Seasonal photosynthetic performance and nutrient relations of Butea monosperma TAUB. (Fabaceae) in comparison to two other woody species of a seasonal deciduous forest in NW-India and to planted trees in this area. Indian Journal of Forestry, 2005; 28: 116-126
  • M.N. Fotelli, P. Rudolf, H. Rennenberg, A. Geßler: Light intensity and temperature affect the interference of the early successional Rubus fructicosus L with the nitrogen water and carbon status of European beech seedlings New Phytol., 2005; 165: 453-462
  • Selle A, Willmann M, Grunze G, Gessler A, Weiß M, Nehls U: The high-affinity poplar ammonium importer PttAMT1.2 and its role in ectomycorrhizal symbiosis. New Phytol, 2005: 697-706
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