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  • A. Geßler, P. Weber, S. Schneider, H. Rennenberg: Bidirectional exchange of amino compounds between phloem and xylem during long distance transport in Norway spruce trees (Picea abies L. Karst) J Exp Bot, 2003; 54: 1389-1397
  • C. Keitel, M.A. Adams, T. Holst, A. Matzarakis, H. Mayer, H. Rennenberg, A. Gessler: Carbon and oxygen isotope composition of organic matter in the phloem sap provides a short time measure for stomatal conductance of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) Plant Cell Environ, 2003; 26: 1157-1168
  • H. Hesse, N. Trachsel, M. Suter, S. Kopriva, P. von Ballmoos, H. Rennenberg, C. Brunold: Effect of glucose on assimilatory sulfate reduction in Arabidopsis thaliana roots. J Exp Bot, 2003; 54: 1701-1709
  • J. Kreuzwieser, J. Buchholz, H. Rennenberg: Anthropogenic impacts on the emission of methane and nitrous oxide by mangrove ecosystems. Plant Biology, 2003; 5: 423-431
  • J. Kruse, I. Hetzger, C. Mai, A. Polle, H. Rennenberg: Effects of elevated pCO2 on N uptake transport and partitioning in young poplar plants (Populus tremula x P alba) grown at deficient and sufficient N supply New Phytol, 2003; 157: 65-81
  • J. Kruse, I. Hetzger, R. Hänsch, R.-R. Mendel, H. Rennenberg: Evaluation of the effects of elevated pCO2 on C- and N-metabolism in wild type and transgenic tobacco exhibiting an altered C/N-balance by metabolite analysis. Plant Biology, 2003; 5: 540-549
  • M. Collier, M. Fotelli, M. Nahm, S. Kopriva, H. Rennenberg, D. Hanke, A. Geßler: Regulation of nitrogen uptake by Fagus sylvatica on a whole plant level - interactions between cytokinins and soluble N compounds. Plant Cell Environ., 2003; 26: 1549-1560
  • M.N. Fotelli, H. Rennenberg, T. Holst, H. Mayer, A. Geßler: Effects of climate and silviculture on the carbon isotope composition of understorey species in a beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) forest. New Phytol., 2003; 159: 229-244
  • P. Escher, M. Eiblemeier, I. Hetzger, H. Rennenberg: Seasonal and spatial variation of reduced sulfur compounds in mistletoes Viscum album and the xylem sap of its hosts Populus x euamericana and Abies alba Physiol Plantarum, 2003; 117: 72-78
  • T. Kömives, G. Gullner, H. Rennenberg, J.E. Casida: Ability of poplar (Populus spp.) to detoxify chloroacetanilide herbicides. Water, Air, Soil Pullution Focus, 2003; 3: 277-283
  • T.J. Hartmann, M.D. Fricker, H. Rennenberg, A.J. Meyer: Cell-specific measurement of cytosolic glutathione in poplar leaves Plant Cell Environ, 2003; 26: 965-973
  • X. Li, M. Pfiz, M. Küppers, W. Einig, H. Rennenberg, R. Hampp: Sucrose phosphate synthase in leaves of mistletoe: its regulation in relation to host and season Trees, 2003; 17: 221-227


  • T. Komives, G. Gullner, H. Rennenberg: Roles of glutathione and glutathione-related enzymes in remediation of polluted soils by transgenic poplars. In: Sulfur Transport and Assimilation in Plants: Regulation Interaction Signaling J C Davidian L J De Kok I Stulen M J Hawkesford E Schnug H Rennenberg eds Backhuys Publ., Leiden, 2003; Publ: 101-109

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