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  • A. Geßler, H. Rennenberg, C. Keitel: Stable isotope composition of organic compounds in the phloem of European beech – evaluation of different methods of phloem sap collection and assessment of gradients in carbon isotope composition during leaf to stem transport Plant Biology, 2004; 6: 721-729
  • A.D. Peuke, H. Rennenberg: Carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulphur concentration and partitioning in beech ecotypes (Fagus sylvatica L.)phosphorus was strongest affected by drought Trees, 2004; 18: 639-648
  • C. Cojocariu, J. Kreuzwieser, H. Rennenberg: Correlation of short chained carbonyls emitted from Picea abies L with physiological and environmental parameters New Phytol, 2004; 162: 717-727
  • J.-P. Schnitzler, M. Graus, J. Kreuzwieser, U. Heizmann, H. Rennenberg, A. Wisthaler, A. Hansel: Quantification of different carbon sources of isoprene emitted from poplar leaves Plant Physiol, 2004; 135: 152-160
  • M. Graus, J.-P. Schnitzler, A. Hansel, C. Cojocariu, H. Rennenberg, A. Wisthaler, J. Kreuzwieser: Transient release of oxygenated VOC during light dark transitions Plant Physiol, 2004; 135: 1967-1975
  • M. Tausz, B. Pilch, H. Rennenberg, D. Grill, C. Herschbach: Root uptake and metabolism of externally applied glutathione in Phaseolus vulgaris seedlings J Plant Physiol, 2004; 161: 347-349
  • M.N. Fotelli, M. Rienks, H. Rennenberg, A. Geßler: Climate and forest management affect 15N uptake N balance and biomass of European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) seedlings Trees, 2004; 18: 157-166
  • P. Escher, M. Eiblmeier, H. Rennenberg: Differences in the flux of glutamine and nitrate into mistletoes Viscum album from the xylem sap of its hosts (Populus spp and Abies alba) Plant Physiol Bioch, 2004; 42: 739-744
  • P. Escher, M. Eiblmeier, I. Hetzger, H. Rennenberg: Seasonal and spacial variation of carbohydrates in mistletoes Viscum album and the xylem sap of its hosts (Populus x euamericana and Abies alba) Physiol Plantarum, 2004; 120: 212-219
  • P. Escher, M. Eiblmeier, I. Hetzger, H. Rennenberg: Seasonal and spacial variation of amino compunds in mistletoes Viscum album and the xylem sap of its hosts (Populus x euamericana and Abies alba) Tree Physiol, 2004; 24: 639-650
  • S. Kopriva, T. Hartmann, G. Massaro, P. Hönicke, Heinz Rennenberg: Regulation of sulfate assimilation by nitrogen and sulfur nutrition in poplar trees Trees, 2004; 18: 320-326
  • S. Mayrhofer, U. Heizmann, E. Magel, M. Eiblmeier, A. Müller, H. Rennenberg, R. Hampp, J.-P. Schnitzler, J. Kreuzwieser: Leaf carbon balance in young poplar trees. Plant Biol, 2004; 6: 730-739
  • T. Hartmann, P. Hönicke, M. Wirtz, R. Hell, H. Rennenberg, S. Kopriva: Regulation of sulphate assimilation by glutathione in poplars Populus tremula x P alba of wild type and overexpressing γ-glutamylcysteine synthetase in the cytosol J Exp Bot, 2004; 55: 837-845
  • X. Liu, A.R. Kozovits, T.E.E. Grams, H. Blaschke, H. Rennenberg, R. Matyssek: Competition modifies effects of enhanced ozone/carbon dioxide regimes on the carbohydrate and biomass partitioning in juvenile spruce and beech trees Tree Physiol, 2004; 24: 1045-1055


  • A. Geßler, C. Keitel, M. Nahm, H. Rennenberg: Water shortage affects water and nitrogen balance in Central European beech forests. Plant Biology, 2004; 6: 289-298
  • A. Geßler, S. Kopriva, H. Rennenberg: Regulation of nitrate uptake of trees at the whole plant level: Interaction between nitrogen compounds cytokinins and carbon metabolism Tree Physiol, 2004; 24: 1313-1321
  • H. Rennenberg, W. Seiler, R. Matyssek, A. Geßler, J. Kreuzwieser: Die Buche (Fagus sylvatica L.) – ein Waldbaum ohne Zukunft im südlichen Mitteleuropa? AFJZ, 2004; 175: 210-244
  • J. Kreuzwieser, E. Papadopoulou, H. Rennenberg: Interaction of flooding with carbon metabolism of forest trees. Plant Biol. 6, 299-306 Plant Biology, 2004; 6: 299-306
  • J. Kreuzwieser, H. Rennenberg: Exchange of trace gases between crops and the atmosphere. Enzyclopedia of Crop and Plant Science, 2004: http://www.dekker.com/servlet/product/productid/e-epcs
  • S. Kopriva, H. Rennenberg: Control of sulfate assimilation and glutathione synthesisinteraction with N and C metabolism J Exp Bot, 2004; 55: 1831-1842

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