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  • A. Geßler, H. Duarte, A. C. Franco, U. Lüttge, E.A. de Mattos, M. Nahm, F.R. Scarano, H.L.T. Zaluar, H. Rennenberg: Ecophysiology of selected tree species in different plant communities at the periphery of the Atlantic Forest of SE Brazil II Spacial and ontogenetic dynamics in Andira legalis, a deciduous legume tree Trees, 2005; 19: 510-522
  • A. Geßler, H. Duarte, A.C. Franco, U. Lüttge, E.A. de Mattos, M. Nahm, P.J.F.P. Rodrigues, F.R. Scarano, H. Rennenberg: Ecophysiology of selected tree species in different plant communities at the periphery of the Atlantic Forest of SE Brazil III. Three legume trees in a semideciduous dry forest Trees, 2005; 19: 523-530
  • A. Geßler, K. Jung, R. Gasche, H. Papen, A. Heidenfelder, B. Metzler, E. Börner, S. Augustin, E. Hildebrand, H. Rennenberg: Climate and forest management influence nitrogen balance of European beech forests: Microbial N transformation and inorganic N uptake capacity of micorrhizal roots Eur J Forest Res, 2005; 124: 95-111
  • A. Geßler, M. Rienks, T. Dopatka, H. Rennenberg: Radial variation of sap flow densities in the sapwood of beech trees (Fagus sylvatica) Phyton-ann Rei Bot A, 2005; 45: 257-266
  • A.C. Franco, H. Duarte, A. Gessler, E.A. de Mattos, M. Nahm, H. Rennenberg, K.T. Ribeiro, F.R. Scarano, U. Lüttge: In situ measurements of carbon and nitrogen distribution and composition, photochemical efficiency and stable isotope ratios in Araucaria angistifolia Trees, 2005; 19: 422-430
  • C. Cojocariu, P. Escher, K.-H. Häberle, R. Maryssek, H. Rennenberg, J. Kreuzwieser: The effect of ozone on the emision of carbonyls from leaves of mature Fagus sylvatica L Plant Cell Environ, 2005; 28: 603-611
  • D. Di Baccio, S. Kopriva, L. Sebastiani, H. Rennenberg: Effect of zinc on glutathione metabolism in Populus deltoides x P nigra P x euamericana clone I 214 leaves New Phytol, 2005; 167: 73-80
  • E. van der Zalm, A. Schneider, H. Rennenberg: Regulation of sulfate uptake and xylem loading of poplar roots Populus tremula x P Alba Trees, 2005; 19: 204-212
  • F.R. Scarano, H. Duarte, A. C. Franco, A. Geßler, E.A. de Mattos, M. Nahm, H. Rennenberg, H.L.T. Zaluar, U. Lüttge: Ecophysiology of selected tree species in different plant communities at the periphery of the Atlantic Forest of SE Brazil I. Performance of three different species of Clusia in an array of plant communities Trees, 2005; 19: 497-509
  • G. Gyulai, M. Humphreys, A. Bittsánszky, K. Skot, J. Kiss, L. Skot, G. Gullner, S. Heywood, Z. Szabo, A. Lovatt, L. Radimszky, H. Roderick, M. Abberton, H. Rennenberg, T. Kömives, L. Heszky: AFLP analysis and improved phytoextraction capacity of transgenic gshI poplar clones Populus x canescens L for Copper in vitro Z. Naturforsch, 2005; 60c: 300-306
  • H. Duarte, A. Geßler, F.R. Scarano, A.C. Franco, E.A. de Mattos, M. Nahm, H. Rennenberg, P.J.F.P. Rodrigues, H.L.T. Zaluar, U. Lüttge: Ecophysiology of six selected shrub species in different plant communities at the periphery of the Antlantic Forest of SE Brazil Flora, 2005; 200: 456-476
  • Herschbach C, Mult S, Kreuzwieser J, Kopriva S: Influence of anoxia on whole plant sulfur nutrition of flooding-tolerant poplar (Populus tremula x P. alba). Plant Cell Environ, 2005; 28: 167-175
  • K. Herbinger, Ch. Then, M. Löw, K. Haberer, M. Alexou, N. Koch, K. Remele, C. Heerdt, D. Grill, H. Rennenberg, K.-H. Häberle, R. Matyssek, M. Tausz, G. Wieser: Tree age dependence and within canopy variation of leaf gas exchange and antioxidative defense in Fagus sylvatica under experimental free air ozone exposure Environ Pollut, 2005; 173: 476-482
  • Kumari N, Sharma V, Mikosch M, Unfried C, Gessler A, Fischer-Schliebs, E, Lüttge U. 2005.: Seasonal photosynthetic performance and nutrient relations of Butea monosperma TAUB. (Fabaceae) in comparison to two other woody species of a seasonal deciduous forest in NW-India and to planted trees in this area. Indian Journal of Forestry, 2005; 28: 116-126
  • M.N. Fotelli, P. Rudolf, H. Rennenberg, A. Geßler: Light intensity and temperature affect the interference of the early successional Rubus fructicosus L with the nitrogen water and carbon status of European beech seedlings New Phytol., 2005; 165: 453-462
  • Selle A, Willmann M, Grunze G, Gessler A, Weiß M, Nehls U: The high-affinity poplar ammonium importer PttAMT1.2 and its role in ectomycorrhizal symbiosis. New Phytol, 2005: 697-706
  • X.-P. Liu, T.E.E. Grams, R. Matyssek, H. Rennenberg: Effects of elevated pCO2 and/or pO3 on C N and S metabolites in the leaves of juvenile beech and spruce diffe between trees grown in monoculture and mixed culture Plant Physiol Bioch, 2005; 43: 147-154


  • A.D. Peuke, H. Rennenberg: Phytoremediation with transgenic trees. Z. Naturforsch., 2005; 60c: 199-207
  • A.D. Peuke, H. Rennenberg: Phytoremediation: Molecular biology requirements for application environmental protection public attention and feasibility EMBO Reports, 2005; 6: 497-501
  • F.R. Scarano, H. Duarte, A.C. Franco, A. Geßler, E.A. de Mattos, H. Rennenberg, U. Lüttge: Physiological synecology of tree species in relation to geographic distribution and ecophysiological parameters at the Atlantic forest periphery in Brazil: an overview Trees, 2005; 19: 493-496
  • H. Rennenberg, A.D. Peuke: Improved phytoremediation of contaminated soils by changes in sulfur metabolism. In: K. Saito, L.J. de Kok, M. Hawkesford, I. Stulen, H. Rennenberg, E. Schnug (eds.). Sulfur Transport and Assimilation in Plants in the Postgenomic Era. Backhuys Publ., Leiden, 2005: 201-208
  • R. Matyssek,, G. Wieser,, A.J. Nunn,, M. Löw,, C. Then,, K. Herbinger,, M. Blumenröther,, S. Jehnes,, I.M. Reiter,, C. Heerdt,, N. Koch,, K.-H. Häberle,, K. Haberer,, H. Werner,, M. Tausz,, P. Fabian,, H. Rennenberg,, D. Grill,, W. Oßwald: How sensitive are forest trees to O3 stress? – New research on an old issue. In: K. Omasa, I. Nouchi, L.J. De Kok (eds.). Plant Responses to Air Pollution and Global Change. Springer, Tokyo, 2005: 21-28

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